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  • Link Building is a modern term which is recently introduced. It is considered the most important gradient of search engine optimizer. Link building can be defined in many ways. The most important and the easiest definition of link building is “it is the process which creates inbound links to any of the personal website”. This process is carried by reciprocal links which are listed in newsletters, e-zines, search engines, directories, etc. Link building is the easiest way to make your personal website famous in short. There are many types of links building. The most common and preferable one is reciprocal links. It is widely used in the world. Link building has so many advantages.

    In this modern era link building has become very important for websites. No one can deny the importance of such links. There are so many companies in the market which are offering such links at very economical rates. Link building is also considered as the root of search optimization engine. Link building can become very expensive if you make just a small mistake. Common Link Building mistakes are given below:

    • Checking of backlinks if it has a “nofollow” attribute
    Link exchanges are very commonly used and it can be trapped very easily. There are so many web masters who can cheat you. The most common cheat they normally do is their immediate disappearance after you pay them. It can also happen that they have “nofollow” attribute.

    • Bad Quality links or useless anchor texts
    It is very hard to find a genuine site where you can get your required link. Always prefer those websites which are having high PR. PR information of any website can easily be obtained from Google. Good quality links are only offered by genuine websites. If any website has anchor texts like “Click Here” and something like that, then keywords in anchor texts are extremely important. If any backlink lacks such keywords, then it will be completely useless. Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer tool is a modern invention which can make your job very easy. • Skip Image link
    It is very commonly observed that web masters may skip minor details such as anchor text and image link. Webmasters are always in hurry. They try to complete their job in hurry that’s why they made so many mistakes. The client should keep a strict check and balance till the end of their project.

    • Getting back links from irrelevant websites
    This is the most common mistake done by so many webmasters. Finding a relevant side is not an easy task. It may happen that you find a finance link on a dating site. It will be completely useless for the client. If you are willing to find a list of top relevant sites, using back link builder is advisable.

    • Link can become useless
    It may happen that your link may become useless even on good and genuine sites. For example, if this site starts advertising porn ads and publishing objectionable items, then these particular sites may be blocked by the server. In this respect, your investment on the link will be wasted.

    • Selecting sites with poor reputation
    If you are linking of those websites which are having very bad reputation, they you may be fined or charged heavy penalties. Despite these charges you will also lost your investment on the link.



Client Google Rankings

  • Keywords Rank
    Locksmith NY 2
    Bottleless 1
    Antique Rugs 6
    Pest Control Los Angeles 6
    Pest Control Tampa FL 3
    24 Hour Exterminator NJ 1
    Laser Hair Removal NYC 1
    NY Limos 5
    Party Bus NJ 8
    Brooklyn Moving 3
    NY Computer Help 9
    Junk Removal Brooklyn 3
    *results may vary