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  • Eyes On Net is the number one way in search engine optimization for over 10 years. We do not just look at your online existence; we look at the bigger picture as well as the conversions and sales.

    Our clients come from a diverse background, but they all have one thing in common - they've chosen Eyes on Net to help them direct more traffic to their websites and increase sales. We're dedicated to helping each and every one of our valued customers reach their goals to create more profitable websites. We succeed when you succeed.

    We take a unique approach to guiding our clients through the steps of making a more profitable website. While a large portion of our work involves search engine optimization (SEO), that's just a small sampling of the services we provide. We can also help you with pay per click advertising, social networking, copywriting, and landing page design amongst other things. Whatever your needs are, big or small, Eyes On Net is here to help.

    Why Choose Us For Your SEO Services?

      • Hundreds of Clients & Nearly a Decade of Experience

        Since 2005, Eyes On Net has helped hundreds of businesses be successful with their online marketing efforts.

      • We Use Legitimate Methods That Work

        The first reason why you should choose our SEO Company for all your website needs is because we use white hat and organic techniques to enhance a website's ranking.

      • Pay After You Get Rankings

        Why would you pay monthly fees in advance of receiving the results you deserve? Our pay-for-performance model encourages us to work harder and smarter for you - and ensures that you see results before you spend a single SEO marketing dollar.

      • Results

        100% of our clients improve their search engine rankings in the first 2 months.

      • No Setup Fee

        We do not charge a set up fee. No extra costs for keyword research, on-page optimization, content writing, or even web management.

      • Low Cost

        We keep our rates at about a third of the cost of most standard SEO companies. Unlike other SEO companies who charge more to cover outsource costs, we manage to keep the costs of SEO low because all work is done in-house.

      • Choosing the Best Keywords

        Choosing the best keywords for your website is an art, blended with a bit of science. Making the right keyword selection is a balance between the number of people searching for a particular keyword and the competition for that keyword. Give us a chance and we'll prove it to you. We will increase your website rankings for keywords that send prospective customers to your website ready to purchase.

      • What Makes Us Different?

        We are a one-stop shop and can manage your SEO, PPC, domain buying, hosting, website development, website design and content writing.

      • Guaranteed

        Rankings increase your traffic and a high conversion on your website gives you profits. You won't pay until we increase your ranking (Pay For Results Package), so you have nothing to lose. You only pay after we achieve and maintain the rankings you want, for the keywords you want, in the search engines you want.

    Visibility, Rankability, Findability. Your results first. That's what we've delivered to our valued clients, since 2005.

    No matter what your needs are, Eyes On Net is here to help you drive up your websites traffic and increase sales. More sales mean more profits. Profits are a measure of success, and our success depends on your success. You can't afford to not partner with us to increase your sales!

    The goal of any profitable website is always to increase traffic, which in turn increases sales. We can help you find more potential buyers than you ever thought possible. When the buyers are flocking to your site, we can also help you convert browsers to buyers. The potential we offer is endless, all you have to do is try our services and you’ll see the difference we can make for your company.

    Whether you’re a large company with an in house team of developers and internet marketers, or a small operation, Eyes On Net can help you make a better website. Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes to identify ways you can improve your site. We’ve been working with top websites in various industries for years, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We’d love to share that knowledge with you!

    The small size of our company allows us to provide you with more personal service. We are a small team of dedicated professionals that work together to get results. You’ll get to know us, and we’ll get to know you, as we work together to maximize profits and create a successful website. Our experienced team have never gotten our sites banned from Yahoo, MSN, Google, or any of the other major search engines.

    Our proven track record of success has allowed us to take many different businesses to the next level by getting their websites more traffic. Our satisfied clients have recommended our services, and many clients have come back for additional help with their sites. As the search engines change the way they find and categorize pages, we change the way we market your site to keep up with the changing demands of the industry. It’s our goal to help you grow your business to its maximum potential!

    It is a fact that millions of people make use of the most popular search engine Google for getting their desired information, so the websites also face a huge competition when it comes to generating the required number of traffic for their website. That is when the need of a proper Eyes On Net supervision is required. If you are working on certain competitive keywords and need to rank high among the search engine as well in a specific country then it is always advisable to take the services of Eyes On Net, most reliable SEO company in New York. It is important for the reason that when it comes to demographic targeted results then certain things require a lot of implementations.

    No matter what your needs are, Eyes On Net is here to help you drive up your websites traffic and increase sales. More sales mean more profits. Profits are a measure of success, and our success depends on your success. You can’t afford to not partner with us to increase your sales!

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    Call us at 516-225-7889 to find out more about how our performance based SEO program can make your website achieve improved rankings on leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Or, fill out our brief Contact Us form, and we’ll take it from there.


Client Google Rankings

  • Keywords Rank
    Locksmith NY 2
    Bottleless 1
    Antique Rugs 6
    Pest Control Los Angeles 6
    Pest Control Tampa FL 3
    24 Hour Exterminator NJ 1
    Laser Hair Removal NYC 1
    NY Limos 5
    Party Bus NJ 8
    Brooklyn Moving 3
    NY Computer Help 9
    Junk Removal Brooklyn 3
    *results may vary