Benefits of Digital menu software

Digital menu software is an all in one solution, which intends to replace the traditional paper and booklet menu in restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs. The advantage of this software is that customers can place orders after browsing through the food items directly to the kitchen without waiting for the waiter. This software gives the restaurant owners real time data and earnings and helps him to improve the efficiency and service of the restaurant. This software allows the customers to make a virtual tour of the restaurant's kitchen and choose from the list of food items displayed, information about the ingredients, methods used to make an item, calorie counts as health tips and graphic image of the items, which the customer wants to order. Restaurant managers can hide out of stock items in the device and change the pricing as and when required. They have an option to give the tablet to the customers or to the waiter who can place the order on behalf of the customer

Below are some of the benefits of Digital menu software to the customers when the tablet is given to them.

• No need to wait for the waiter to bring the menu

• Browse through the latest menu

• Place orders directly to the kitchen without calling the waiter

• Check the outstanding orders you placed and add or modify it at your will

• Check graphic images of the items ordered

• No mix up or error from the waiters

• Check the total cost of the item you are going to order and outstanding bill when required

• Give your feedback about the food and the restaurant

• Pay your bill through debit or credit card from the comforts of the table

Restaurants can give the tablet to the waiter attending to the table who can place orders on behalf of the customer. This option can be used in conjunction with customer being given the tablets to place orders. Some of the benefits of this waiter option are

• Customer need not browse through the entire menu to find what they want.

• Waiters gets more free time to serve the customers

• No need to go to the kitchen to check on the status of the order

• No shuttling between floor and the kitchen

• No errors while taking orders

• Add food items to the outstanding order and final bill details

When the restaurants use Digital menu software they get real time order status, no lost orders and human errors, final bill at the touch of a button and easy totaling at the end of the day.