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  • Duplicate Content filter is a modern phenomenon which is recently introduced in the world of Information Technology. It is a very useful tool which is widely used now. If you enter any query in search bar of a search engine and press “enter” button on the keyboard, a list of relevant side will be displayed on the computer screen. If pages having same content are on the internet, Duplicate Content Filter will displayed the best content and copied content and duplicate pages will be removed by this automatic tool. It will also remove those pages which are having same index. Hence it will displayed original and the most relevant content to you only. Duplicate Content despite its benefits, also have some disadvantages. It filters out the information and present user with the best available content. On the other hand it may cut down relevant data of the user. On the whole, Duplicate Content is very beneficial and has a variety of other features also. Best available examples of Duplicate Content are new websites.

    Duplicate basically filters four types of content on internet. Their brief detail is given below:

    • Identical Pages On Websites:
    Duplicate pages are those pages which are common in more than one website. Such pages are considered as spam. Similarly two or more identical websites also fall under the category of spam. If any site which is affiliated with any other side, also has the same and identical look and appearance, they also fall under the category of duplicate page and hence treated as spam. Another example of duplicate pages is identical landing pages on different pages.

    • Scraped Content on Websites
    Scraped content has also become a great problem for these search engines. Scraped content is a type of content which is taken from any website. After that it is modified to give a different appearance and submitted on internet on any other website. IT is nothing more than a duplicate content.

    • Product Description in E-Commerce
    People steal manufacturer’s designs and products from their websites. They present them on other websites in such a way that it becomes very hard for the search engine to spot the original and duplicate.

    • Article’s Distribution
    If you write any article and publish it on the internet. Someone copied it and after some modifications, presents it all over on the internet as its own.

    Duplicate Content Filter is the right tool to get rid of these scammers. Famous search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo use Duplicate Content. It filters out the copied content on websites. Copying others data and information has become a cyber crime these days. Authorities are working on this issue seriously and trying to sort out means and ways to get rid of these scammers completely. Efforts are also made to improve these filters and get the best results. Duplicate Content Filter really helps these search engines in tracing original and duplicate content on the internet.



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