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  • Great deals of people wonder whether SEO or PPC will serve their purpose right. Search engine optimization that is, SEO and PPC which is an abbreviation for play pay click techniques are significant because they drive traffic to your website. Both the SEO and PPC help your business grow. If you are raking the back of your brain to decide whether SEO or PPC is the best, you should consider the information below.

    SEO will form the start of familiarization of the two techniques. In the mid 1990s, internet became mass medium for dispatching information. It came to the knowledge of companies that as the internet grew more and more popular, more lucrative revenue streams also became available to companies that had web. Pioneer search engines such as AltaVista and Northern Light were important tools to search in the net in the 1990s. These two companies along with other search engines came up with elaborate methods that are used to index the ever growing web. It was lucky for the site owners who realized that their sites will be ranked higher among the search engines if they were standing in a better position to increase traffic flow into that site. The site owners therefore decided to use the algorithms that is used by the search engines to persuade the same engines that they were the most reliable and relevant site for particular terms. They then suggested that they should appear higher in the results pages for certain particular search. As the algorithms changed, the optimizers also changed the codes of their sites and developed other strategies so that traffic would be sent their way by the search engines.

    SEO is separated into two categories namely the onsite and offsite factors. Work on structure, copy, title navigation other coding tags and tweaks are considered as onsite factors. Offsite factors include linking to appropriate sites, Web PR releases, Directory and Portal submission and many more. Many sites have realized that 70 percent of their traffic is brought by the SEO.

    On the other hand, PPC is a superb way for sites to appear in good positions on search engine results pages. This is done by paying the engine so that their results are displayed. Paid results tend to appear at the top of a page and in the column found in the right hand. PPC service is still in its infancy period. A site that is running the PPC campaigns find that the referrals that comes from the clicks is around 30 percent. PPC can be categorized as a quick boost of traffic to a particular site. You can buy the top most position for your chosen search is you are willing to pay for the clicks.

    The most important thing to have in mind is that both the SEO and PPC are complementary strategies. There is surely no conflict of using both techniques to drive traffic. In fact, it will be best and most successful if the two techniques are used simultaneously as opposed to using just one technique.

    The bigger difference that is obvious for the two techniques is only the price tags. For PPC, you pay for the clicks that are sent away but for SEO the clicks are free of charge. Getting to the top of the PPC tree requires money but on the other hand, getting for the same search for SEO requires hard work. Therefore, it is clear and evident to you whether to use SEO or PPC service. Well whatever you have decided, Eyes On Net will be more than ready to you to the next level. Eyes On Net is an NY company that have experts who are trained to help you convert web traffic into dollars.



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    Laser Hair Removal NYC 1
    NY Limos 5
    Party Bus NJ 8
    Brooklyn Moving 3
    NY Computer Help 9
    Junk Removal Brooklyn 3
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